Limestone Conveying System

Limestone Conveying System

The desulfurization in the circulating fluidized bed boiler adopts the limestone mixing process to meet the national environmental protection desulfurization requirements. Generally, an independent limestone desulfurization system is selected, that is, the limestone feeding system is completely separated from the coal feeding system, and the limestone feeding amount can be freely adjusted at any time according to the SO2 emission value, thereby achieving the purpose of ensuring emissions and economic operation. Limestone for desulfurization has the following characteristics:
1) After grinding, the limestone powder particles have many edges and corners and high hardness;
2) Strong degassing of limestone powder;
3) Large difference in particle size distribution (30um ~ 10mm);
4) Bulk density is large (1.1 ~ 1.4 t / m3);
5) High CaO content, high water absorption and high viscosity.
Therefore, limestone powder is a difficult material to transport, which has a large abrasion to the pipeline, poor fluidization performance, particles are easy to deposit, and moisture absorption and compaction; if the selection is not designed properly, it may easily cause pipe blocking.

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