Negative pressure pneumatic ash removal system

Negative pressure pneumatic ash removal system

Dilute phase negative pressure delivery technology description
Dilute phase negative pressure pneumatic conveying generally uses a Roots fan, centrifugal fan or vortex pump as the power source. The pipeline and the vacuum upper hopper are evacuated to a certain vacuum state, so that the air inlet is formed into powder, granules and gas under the action of atmospheric pressure The two-phase flow is fed into the vacuum loading hopper through the conveying pipe. Gas-solid separation is performed through a vacuum loading hopper.
Main features of dilute phase negative pressure pneumatic conveying:
Multi-point feeding and multi-point discharging can be implemented; continuous or gap transportation is possible; good environmental performance, no dust leakage; equipment use cost and maintenance cost are relatively low; transportation pressure and transportation distance are subject to certain restrictions. The typical process flow diagram is as follows.
1.Transition bucket 2.Feeder 3.Accelerator tube 4.Air damper 5.Vacuum loading hopper 6.Negative pressure fan 7.Unloading valve
Main achievement:
Iron oxide, zinc oxide, manganese oxide, magnesium oxide, aluminum hydroxide, calcium carbonate, PVC, strontium carbonate, activated clay, ferrite sintered powder, nylon pellets, silicon carbide powder, Chinese herbal powder, diatomaceous earth, white clay , Slice wax.

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