Fly ash sorting system

Fly ash sorting system

This system is a single-point feed negative pressure closed circuit pneumatic sorting system. The fly ash from the original ash warehouse enters the negative pressure pipeline of the sorting system through a frequency-converted electric air lock. Fangda Power's patented forced turbine sorting machine, which is mixed with the negative pressure air flow in the tube into a gas-solid two-phase flow and enters the top of the rough ash warehouse.
Fly ash sorting system
The sorted coarse ash falls into the coarse ash warehouse through the lower electric air lock; the fine ash is separated into the high-efficiency cyclone separator at the top of the fine ash warehouse by the negative pressure airflow under the action of negative pressure air flow, and the separated fine ash is separated. It falls into the finished fine ash warehouse through the lower electric air lock. Most of the exhaust gas containing trace dust passes through the wear-resistant high-pressure centrifugal fan to return to the original ash conveying pipe through the return pipe, forming a closed cycle; a small part of the excess exhaust gas is discharged into the fine ash warehouse through the exhaust pipe and purified by the top dust collector Empty.
Sorting system features:
1.Fangda sorting machine adopts mechanical forced vortex dust rotation, plus secondary cyclone adjustment, the adjustment means is flexible and convenient, and the equipment runs stably and reliably.
2.Using PLC control, high degree of automation, simple system operation and strong process adaptability.
3.The sorting system adopts the operation mode of negative pressure and closed circuit, no dust escape and no secondary pollution.
4, large processing capacity, 10-80T per hour, due to the use of forced vortex centrifugation technology, especially in large processing capacity has a great advantage. It can be matched for power plants with various installed capacities. .
5. Due to the use of an adjustable forced vortex device for sorting, the classification efficiency is high, the classification efficiency can be above 85%, and the cyclone efficiency is ≥95%.
6. High classification accuracy, 45μm sieve balance can be adjusted at any position of 3-25%
7. The system has high abrasion resistance, and reliable wear-resisting measures have been taken at all parts that are prone to wear. All vulnerable parts are designed according to the best gas-solid flow non-wearing, and at the same time are coated with high temperature resistant, anti-corrosive and wear-resistant materials, which greatly prolongs the service life of the equipment.
8. The province of investment, the turbine classifier sorting system, does not need to set up an electrostatic precipitator and other dust removal equipment between the main fan and the cyclone separator, thus saving a lot of investment.
9. The system layout is flexible. According to user requirements, discrete layout, centralized layout at the warehouse side, and centralized layout at the top of the warehouse can be adopted.

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